My First Job

It’s not too bad. That’s good news!

I work 6 days a week, twelve hours from 10am to 10pm. Such a long day! Luckily, the cafe is not always hectic – I hope my boss doesn’t see this. I don’t love the job nor hate it. Of course, there’s no such thing as a perfect job. I work as a cashier, a dishwasher, I sometimes help my friend cooks, clean all the tables and sweep the floor. I also work on social media; as it is my ‘ thing ‘. People come over only to buy items from the cube – most of the times.

Confused, energetic, tired, sleepy, scared. 

That’s how I feel since in the beginning until t0day.


About the whole computer thing. It makes me hate technology. It’s not that kind of computer I am using now, the process is complex as you have to press that, this and that too, without a single missing number and alphabet or else, you have to check the unorganised inventory lists – can’t find it? Call the vendor – no answers? You need to come up with ideas to handle the situation. And sometimes, just accept all the bad remarks from the customers and the vendors. One mistake from the computer will destroy the world. And still, I am confused. Never get it done perfectly. Maybe someday, I hope.


Only when I feel like,

” It’s a new day! Come on girl! Be cheerful! “

That doesn’t happen often. Sometimes, I try to wake up at 6am to run and I will feel better when I’m working – feeling fresh, happy, active, positive. I usually run at 5pm, back when I was still at home; doing things I love. Maybe I definitely should try to run in the morning everyday even though I’m not a morning person. A little change won’t hurt isn’t it?

Tired and sleepy.

I combine those two because you know why. I get tired because I have nothing much to do at work. Tired from doing nothing. I need to be so busy to get really tired. Back then, I usually sleep at 9 to 10pm and wake up five or eight hours later. Today, I got home around half past 10pm, shower about 10 minutes, in bed at 12 then woke up at 7 or 8am. No, it’s not enough for me. Now I feel like I need to sleep 12 hours. Frankly, I don’t know why as I didn’t really do much at work. Perhaps the thought of working 6 days a week, 12 hours a day without any break makes me tired, sleepy and bored. I might get used to this routine and hopefully able to exercise more frequently. Cos I’ve been eating too much lately! 

Moreover, I am tired of dealing with my co-worker; he doesn’t take his job seriously and that should already tell you why I added him on this part.


Not what you’re thinking. Not my boss, customers or the vendors. Mistakes frighten me lately, probably because how much it affects me. And how most of the mistakes are inevitable. And at the same time, my exam results – it’s coming out soon! I’m trembling just thinking about it. But gotta always look positively!

Now, put all the negative thoughts aside. It is a good experience for me as I learn a lot. I am more confident talking to strangers now. In fact, I am trying to be assertive when needed and being professional at work helping the vendors to get their business done well, especially.

In conclusion, this whole adult thing is terrifying and challenging. I can’t wait for more.




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