I Ran Here Today



…to this beach, about five kilometres from my house – it took half an hour to reach there. I was exhausted, dehydrated and my head hurt a lot because of not sleeping the whole night before, so I sat in the middle of the road for ten minutes to cool myself down before carrying on my three kilometres run. I was about to stop as I went further into the beach and just simply go home but I didn’t, surprisingly.



It was worth it. Now I have the motivation to wake up early in the morning. I was so infatuated with the beach and the environment there ( how I wish I could just stay for the whole day! ). Not to mention that I was welcomed by a two men, riding their horses. They greeted me with warm, inviting smiles ” Good morning, “.. ” Good day, “.

A tired smile was my response. I looked around and after a moment, I thought about my life in 2016 as it is already December. I started tearing up and found myself sitting down on the beach. Happiness, freedom, love and success – I couldn’t ask for more other than those. And this year has given me most of them, but it was just a beginning and temporary. Perhaps, it was tears of joy. Of course, there are always some mishaps in life. I’d rather focus on the good parts and forget the bad! I’m so looking forward to seeing myself in the next 5 years, I could be someone whose a good life or youknowit, but either way… Stay alive and just live in the moment. And yes, I felt so much better once I got home. Nature is definitely my therapy.


P.S. Follow my Photography Instagram – @herlifeinfotos ( just started! )

Thanks, N.


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