My Future Begins Now

Exactly one month ago today, I would still be around with my textbooks and no social life because I was having my end of year examinations. I was very impatient to get it all done and I was very looking forward to enjoying my holiday. In fact, today is still a holiday for me and surprisingly it has been tedious, dull and boring. Of course, just like everyone else – I feel relief that I’ve finished my exams and that holiday finally comes, but I feel apprehensive about my results in unison.

Doing nothing is boring and it makes me tired. Tired from doing nothing. So I think, I had enough holiday already. It’s time to get a part-time job, the thought of starting to earn money by my own makes me think this,

” This is the beginning of my future. “

It all began with searching for occupations on social media such as on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram as I just got my resume. I never thought it would be difficult for me to get a suitable and perfect job. Yet, there is no such thing as a ‘ perfect ‘ job in this world. I admit, I was being quite fussy at first which made it even harder to get one soon. It was challenging and frustrating somehow. But then, I received an advice from the adults to just apply for any available jobs; it might be a job that is something I don’t find myself interested in, or something that is monotonous or even competitive. However, I will be more independent, flexible and capable from my experiences and will be more ready to face all the obstacles in my full-time job.

As a matter of fact, I learned something more than just that with their advice; anticipation and reaction. In summary? Expect future problems once you get a job and ready to solve them. I find myself motivated by that thought. This is not just for students who are working part time jobs but also, for grown-ups who want a successful life.

After all, life is an adventure. And I don’t mean an adventure in the sense of, that amazing things are happening in our external life. The true adventure is who we become in life. It is what we learn to deal with, and how we learn to come out stronger as a result of whatever happens to us.

Teenagers are afraid of change, including me. But here is a serious advice from the professionals. When we enter new terrain, not everything is going to be fantastic or magical. But what we become, who we become, the skills and the flexibility we develop – that is where the magic is. Embrace the future. That’s what makes transition incredible. That’s why if we are going into a new chapter of our lives, rather than looking backwards and hoping things get to be like they were in the past, we should embracing a new future and everything that it can bring us.

Thus, I hope the young generation today could bring more glory for Brunei in the near future and will start grabbing experiences from today. And I hope I will be one of them someday. Tomorrow I will be wandering around to submit my resume, wish me luck everyone!

Thanks, N.



( Published on Borneo Bulletin )


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