It’s Not This Time Of The Year Without : The Whole Family & Wedding Invitation Cards

School is over for almost all students with the holidays approaching. That means It’s Not This Time of Year Without my whole family in our house. My two sisters who just recently got married are spending their end of year holidays with the rest of us and of course; my adorable, naughty nephews and nieces are also around! Distracting and making the house more noisy and messy! ( Joking, kids… ) Not to mention – more fun, more makan of scrumptious homemade by the girls, fun trips and barbies ( my favourite! ).

Karaoke would be more enjoyable if you were with your loved ones.

It was a spontaneous trip to Miri; took only two hours to reach there by car. Miri is a common place for shopping, fun and business as this city is located near the border of Brunei.

Nephews and nieces about to jump for the camera!
 Here’s Balqis, the one who hates people taking pictures of her as she always runs away. But this time – I’m guessing, she wanted me to go away as quickly as possible.

I can’t put into words of how much I love going to the beach, even if you insist –  I will stutter.


SAMSUNG CSC Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

SAMSUNG CSC Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset
Random strolls with my sister and some photoshoots.
The Jerudong Amusement Park, a place where my family always visits even though, no big change is seen in here for a long time. Yet, the environment is more sentimental as you will see many families are able to go out of their comfortable homes and actually enjoying it.


Last but not least, the holiday  in Brunei is a little bit different. Somehow, it is a perfect time to throw a hectic event especially from the relatives. Yes, those are wedding invitation cards from this month to December. I will surely get ready with my many Baju Kurung, but – let me hang out with my family first.

There are so much to share, but I can only put those moments in my heart. Thanks,




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