All the authors gave us hope for true love but everything we experience is false love, Joe sighed in despair as he said it.

She looked down and whispered to herself, ” Joe..don’t.. don’t blame me. Are we done now? ”

” I’m that person you’ve been talking about on your book, the one that will give up easily and thinks loving you is silly. ”

Ashley shook her head in response, ” What do you want? ”

” All I want is for you not to swallow your promises but to mean it, please ”

She gazed at the floor and breathed it and out; she couldn’t believe it’s happening. She thought she wouldn’t ever do this to Joe; her first love. Then, she dared to look at the empty bench that sat next to the alone lamp post and instantly remembered the day when Joe asked her to be his girlfriend and she accepted.

” I promised you my heart and you promised me the same, the difference was that you let my heart go first. But now I promise you a life of your own with or without me, it’ll still be sparkling and I mean it, “

He answered her by walking off, without saying a word and without looking back. Joe had it enough. ” It’s time, ” he thought to himself. Everything seemed to be hopeless. She was right, loving her was a mistake and silly. He should have given up earlier.

” I was a fool. Too fool to love and too fool to just walk away.”




Thanks readers, N.


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