Forgetful Moment

The sunlight caressed my cheeks as I turned myself over to my left side. I straightened myself up and tried to find the motivation to stand on my feet. The thought of having a special breakfast for that day successfully motivated me.

” It’s Friday everyone! ” I bellowed to empty rooms. It’s going to be a very productive day, I thought to myself.

Once I finished enjoying my vegetarian breakfast with some gusto, I decided to start the day by energising myself with a HIIT workout and a cardio for half an hour. As I was doing my squat workout , I recalled the punishment of squatting for thirty times with my co-worker at our work place; because we were the late comers, again. My other colleagues were the ones who created the ideas and they would never regret it. I had a laugh remembering it until it stopped me from doing what I was doing. Because it was Friday. And it wasn’t supposed to be an off-day for me. I dropped myself on the floor and kept thinking,

” Why on earth am I so forgetful! Urghhh… I really need a treatment! ” I closed my eyes tightly with anger. 

I was so tired, frustrated and mad at myself along with so much disappointment. I checked the time and it’s half past one! I was getting ready as quickly as I could because my job needed my presence in an hour and for God’s sake; the traffic congestion gave me a heart-attack. Yet, I didn’t lose hope. I have to make it, I reminded myself all over again. I parked my car somewhere near the place where all the rich kids didn’t want to be at. Desperately, I asked the frightening motorcycle rider to send me there. I actually had to act differently to look strong and tough to make him as my temporary best friend and not a nemesis.

What happened next, neither my thought of: it’s going to be a very productive day nor having a special breakfast would be able to change anything.

” Right! That’s it! You have been late too often, ” this is what he’s going to say instantly with his arms flying around, his stern eyes glaring at me and I will have to be ready to find a new job, I blabbed to myself.

I stormed quickly towards my office and kept praying that he wouldn’t see me entering the building. Oh why, He didn’t answer my prayer; as I saw my boss approaching me with his typical elegant suit that didn’t suit him. I welcomed him with my sweetest smile and mumbled the word, sorry.

He laughed at my sorry and told me to look around. None of my co-workers were inside the office except him, the cleaner and myself.  ” You must have been forgotten. Today is a public holiday, my dear. You definitely need a treatment. “

The End.

Thanks, N.


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