The Legend Islands

After years of living in a southeast Asian country on an island of Borneo since 90s, I discovered something extraordinary that I thought I wouldn’t come across. Thanks to my Facebook friend for sharing the news.

What’s the news? 

A boat trip along the Islands in the Brunei Bay and a visit to Mangrooves via boat. For $30 BND. This boat trip would be my second time. The first was also under the same organisation but to a different place. Here’s the blog – Sunday Morning

I invited, asked, begged my brother ( again ) to join me on that sunny day. He would say,

” Eh panas lagi, boring jua tu. ”

” Karang nada lagi binatangnya. ”

” Membazir duit jua eh. ”

He blabbed, complained about it would be such a waste of time, money and the hot weather is just not for him.

” Ish, c’mon. It’s not like it’s the first time kan. Lagi pun nada kan di buat. Please… I’m begging you…. ”

Eyes rolled was his response.

The boat filled with friendly tourists and some locals. They were all ready with their cameras, phones and eyes. I think, my brother was the least person on the boat to get excited.

What’s the extraordinary discovery?

A beautiful, historical island named Pulau Lumut Lunting. Pulau means Island. This island is on the list of Brunei Bay Legend Islands. Lumut Lunting is situated between Pulau Sibungur and Pulau Berambang and is located at the mouth of the Brunei River.


And, the Pulau Pilong-Pilongan.

The reason why people labeled these two as the Legend Islands is because of the story behind it – of course.

Together, let’s go back in time to more than 500 years ago.

It was a story about Cockfight

Between Awang Senuai, a nephew of Awang Alak Betatar; the first ruler of the new Brunei Sultanate with Raden Angsuka Dewa; the King of Majapahit, Malaysia.

They named their rooters as Asmara and Mutiara.

The King of Majapahit dictated that should he lose he will give the 40 ships laden with goods to Brunei; but should he win, he will gain more territories of Brunei which it owns and controls then. Both Asmara and Mutiara were both thoroughly trained for the cockfight in front of the Sultan’s Palace.

The fight began with the roosters pouncing, pecking, attacking and kicking each other and cheered on by the excited watchers. Suddenly, Asmara flew out of the ring that followed by Mutiara. Asmara was stabbed during the fight and was seriously injured. Asmara ran out of sight and succumbing to his wound, fell down into the sea, turning into a rock becoming an island ( Pulau Pilong-Pilongan ). Mutiara who tried to chase his opponent, fell into the river cursed by the King of Majapahit. He too turned into a rock and became an island (Lumut Lunting).

The elders in Kampong Ayer ( the Water Village ) dwellers said that Lumut Lunting will never be under water no matter how high the water level rises. If it does, then that signals a bad sign such as the death of a king or the occurrence of an unexpected incident.

This what the local guiders told us. My auntie shared the story again in the car after we just mentioned the islands and ended it with,

” Believe in whatever your mind tells you. And I hope the trip will teach and encourage young people like you to educate yourself more about the country you were born in, then you will scarcely have the urge to leave. ”




Thanks readers, N.









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  1. Yeah, a tale on how islands were conceived will be believed unless one have the education to recognize myth from realty


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