The Opposites

The Bird & The Clear Sky.


Below – As you can see, more cars on the left side of the road than on the right.


Heaps of colourful flowers.


Red & White.


 Below – God’s creature and the artificial.


Below – Light & Dark.



Below – Turn your phone/laptop upside down.


My contribution to Weekly Photo Challenge – Opposites


Thanks, best wishes.



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  1. How does the traffic rules work with cars in the lanes?


    • Hi there! That photo I took was in Bangkok, Thailand. And here’s the first thing the tour guide told us once we asked about the rules – ” The first rule about driving in Thailand is that there are no rules! ”

      In Thailand, traffic moves on the left. Apparently, many of the roads change their one-way direction at certain hours of the day and by the fact that every new governor of Bangkok has a new traffic plan to solve the city’s traffic jams. Every such plan involves changing the flow of traffic, which causes one way roads to suddenly run in the opposite directions or the number of lanes being reduced from, in extreme cases, eight to one.

      Hope that answers your question! – N


  2. I love the “God’s creature and the artificial” one!

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