Sister’s Wedding Day


Welcome to the next stage of life, big sis!

” A wedding day is the beginning of a life spent together.. “

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I will always admire the picture above. I can read her thoughts and sense her feelings just by looking at the picture. The way she played with her hands indicated she was nervous albeit she’s the most confident and brave sister I know. Maybe not when on your big and special day, right sister?

” ..fulfilling dreams and reaching goals as a married couple.. “


Here’s the wonderful bride – inside the mosque.

” ..for a sister who will always mean so much to our entire family.. “


Finally, a smile.


Now, with her official lucky husband. The story behind the picture above – she couldn’t let his hands go, she didn’t allow him to let it go, she never skipped to smile every time they both looked at each other, and she was a bit clingy – which was adorable.

I’m genuinely grateful for the man she loves and the woman he loves to have each other for eternity – because she will be happy for eternity.

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

Last but not a definitely least, for my sister – if you’re actually reading this, I hope it’s still acceptable to

congratulate you – my beautiful, oldest but the most childish sister in the family for your wedding. And remember, always be happy!

” ..wishing you a wonderful wedding day and a happy life together. “




Thanks readers, Love N.


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