School Days

3rd Of June, 2016.

The sixth-month of the year. Another five months to go. And the future begins. Looking back at the old school days. Everything has changed, completely different. I used to be that one student at my elementary school who came at 7am to train netball or badminton instead of going to the class. But, the odd thing was my sports’ teacher didn’t oppose it, he even played badminton with me for half an hour.

Basically, education wasn’t that really important to me a long ago. Also probably, due to my environment at that time. It wasn’t as strict as today, of course. It’s the year of deciding where, when, and what to do after this.

I still recall the moment where my science teacher scolded me in front of the class because I wrote ” I don’t know. ” on my exam paper. Classmates laughed at it and all I could respond to it was by whispering to myself . ” Well, I really don’t know miss… “

So that should be the answer.

Five months are such a very short time for me to leave everything. I wish sometimes I could turn back time so I could fix things and store in my head all the good memories.

Here are the some pictures of my school days where I got to be involved in an activity.

The good days with the Ultimate Frisbee Team last year as a representative of the school.
The day where two Japanese students stayed in my place for 2 days.
Processed with VSCOcam with kk2 preset
Joined the National Day as a Girl Guide last year. ( My CCA )
The day I got to meet one of the royalties.

There are more actually, but only shared some of them. Last but not least, the Farewell party for our form teacher last year.

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a good day. Would like to hear anything from readers’ school old good days.

Thanks readers, N.


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