Saving The World

” If our hopes of building a better and safer world are to become more than wishful thinking, we will need the engagement of volunteers more than ever.” –  Kofi Annan

Look up!

At precisely six am my phone’s alarm sprang to life. Yawning and stretching my body were the response. I finally unstitched my eyes. I sighed as I was searching for the motivation to roll over and to turn off the mighty alarm of ” Dangerous Woman ” song by Ariana Grande.  53 messages on Whatsapp. I clicked it open, 


” What to bring-” one of the group chatters asked.

No one answered.

” I’m only going to wear slippers, ok kah? ”

No one answered.

” Ramai kah? ” another kid asked.

No one answered.

Not until I replied them –  ” Yes, bring anything you like. Yes, that’s fine. You can wear slippers, anything to make yourself comfortable, you’re going to the beach, not to the shopping mall. Yes, perhaps, maybe a lot of people are coming since Wu Chun came to visit the same event last year. And anything else? ”

No one answered.

I turned off my phone, laid back for a moment.

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The day then started with a ten minute warm shower, put on the shirt – the shirt was one of the reasons to push me forward and successfully lifted my enthusiasm for that day, put on my favourite dark-blue cap to at least shield my face from the sun, continued with a quick of an Omelette breakfast, took my camera, checked its battery – fully charged, perfect – put it in my bag, bottles of water are inside, oh great everything is here I thought.

” Off we go! ” I yelled out to let everyone in the house knows that I’m leaving. Though, they were still dreaming.

At last, I arrived at Tasek Lama with my friend, Minda.

” Where are you guys? I’m here.. There’s a bunch of orang asing here, where are the locals? Ugh, crazy. ” someone texted on the group chat as we both walking down the hill towards the main place for registration. I ignored him – because I knew that he would find us.

There he is, wearing the company’s product. Welcomed us with his big usual smile. We waited for the others near to the bathrooms. Practically 5 minutes later. Ah perfect, the cool kids are here with the cool shirts.

I saw the organisation’s boss and smile at him as he noticed our presence. He announced to the loudspeaker,

” Please come forward and register here. Let’s perfectly do everything in order here. ”

Very intimidating boss.

” Hi! Welcome. Are you guys from JIS? Ok here’s the paper. Check your names and sign at the right corner. ” one of the members asked as we approached the registration table.

” Hi. Thanks. Um, no. I think that paper belongs to us. ” I pointed my thumb to another paper.

” Oh sorry! So you guys are the Ayam!! ” as she read our group’s name.

” Yes, maybe. We’re the chicken band. ” I amused. She laughed with a hard tapped on my back.

Another waiting. Waiting for everyone to get ready for a briefing.

The loudspeaker spoke and said, ” A very good morning to everyone. (self introduction) . I’ll be in charge for the whole day. For those who doesn’t know, I’m the owner of the Beach Bunch. And today, we’ll be planting 500 trees and cleaning your rubbish. ” everyone laughed as the response. Instantly, he continued with presenting every organisation that volunteered that day. As he mentioned our organisation he added,

” and I have no idea what’s that even mean. ” another laughed.

” You know what, I actually like the shirt. When I saw you walking down the hill, I was like, I really need to get that shirt! ” a white lady interrupted me with her Kiwi accent while we were walking down to the beach. It was hard for me to understand her accent at first and thank goodness I managed to figure it out in a minute.

” Thank you! Yes, you definitely should get one. You can find them here…. ” and we began to converse amicably.

About to save the world!

That Friday spent with lots of planting, advertising, explaining, communicating, taking pictures and at the end of the day, we met these two little blondies from Perth, Australia. Little Aussies!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Little brother with fascinating blue eyes!
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Big sister that likes to talk, a lot.


And after all, we all had an enjoyable day as it was our first day of volunteering and felt really good after planting the trees, cleaning all the rubbish – saving the earth is enjoyable, somehow.




– The Nuna


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