Little Things


There were beads of sweat trailing down my forehead. I couldn’t wait to lay on my bed and to have a cold shower from a stressful day at work. The day was scorching hot which made everything far more worse.

I was walking with my heavy backpack, wearing a blouse and worse high heels that I never wanted to wear. I added a stop in a cafe restaurant to have a rest, near to my work place. I was sitting outside with my coffee, enjoying the taste of a caramel latte. An old man’s voice interrupted me. And he was crying, sobbing and wailing.

His aging hands cupped his face and murmured something that I couldn’t decipher. As his eyes noticed my existence, he ran to me. There were trepidation, fear and curiosity attacking me.


” I lost it, I lost it. Do you know where is it my dear? ” with his teary-eyed, asking me the same questions.

I opened my mouth to question him and he cut me off.

” You stole it! Don’t you? THIEF! THIEF! THIEF! ” he bellowed, and continually shouted.

”  Sir, no sir. I swear sir, I just came down here to get a coffee. I don’t even know what’s missing sir. And, I would have never done such things! ”

He gazed at me for a minute and apologised. Then, he sat next to me and explained that he lost his fresh, huge and a high-priced watermelon. He said it as if the watermelon could have change his life become better. He couldn’t buy another one because he would have to wait for another year to get one in that particular grocery shop and time. He also mentioned that the taste of the watermelon would feel like a holiday for him. I didn’t get the chance to ask questions as he left without telling me.

The next day, it was weekend. I decided to buy some food in a grocery shop, not far to my home place. As I was paying at the cashier, I shot a quick glance to the ” Lost & Found ” section to check if any of them were mine. There was a brown basket placed on the desk. I approached there, and it was a huge watermelon inside the basket. I didn’t care at first, not until I recalled the old man’s crying yesterday. I didn’t know why I was so happy that I just bolted to the cafe with my hand carrying the basket and hoped that he would be there somewhere, searching for his lost watermelon.

” You’ve found it! ” someone shouted behind me as I reached the restaurant. I turned around and smile at him even though he didn’t look at it. His eyes sticked to the basket. He grabbed it from my hand, took out the watermelon, kissed it and danced while hugging it without caring that he might fall. He was so happy that he was tearing up.

I was still smiling and thought, even a small thing can save and change someone’s life. So the lesson for me is start to appreciate little things in life.

I stared at his excitement and happy moments as our distance grew bigger. He waved at me in seconds then, he’s gone.



The End.




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