Another Day

There’s one thing that bothers me the most when it comes to ‘ School ‘ –  The Bus. First, the reckless and an impatient driver. This man would not wait for you, even just for 5 minutes. That’s the main reason why my friends keep asking me why do I have to walk so quickly that annoys them because, TAP! TAP! TAP! TAP! TAP! – the sound of my heels. Especially, going home.

Because as soon as the other buses begin to move, off he goes!

He’s also the person that will turn the volume up on the radio to the max with

a very



old, boring, dull, and repetitive Malay songs – you name them. Yes, that’s right.

” Diaaaaaaa!!!! Isabellaaaaaa…. lambang cintaaaaaa… yang lara….  ”

Minutes later,

” ALLAHUAKHBAR ALLAHU AKHBAR… ” someone’s phone alarm for Zuhur, afternoon prayer.


Bus mate turned off his phone.

Driver turned off the radio.

Relief. God. Great, now I can read my novel.


” Teerpiiiiisah keranaaa… adat yang berbezaaaaa… ”


I rolled my eyes, grunting and made some body language of anger to make him notice but no, he would not care. The worse part, he sang the lyrics and it was out of tune.


The other thing that I loathe about the bus – my bus mates. I call them as my personal Breaking News or CNN. I don’t talk to them that much because they won’t shut their mouths and also, one of the kids keep disturbing me, talking to me but I never listen, asking me and never answer, making jokes and never laugh at it, borrowing my school stuff and for what??? No idea. Wish you could tell me. Nevertheless, I really hope he’ll stop doing it because he’s making the day far more worse.

” Kau tau, tadi ah, cgu ah. Gila.. bla bla bla… ” one of the boys shared a story loudly to his friend next to him.

Then, he cursed emotionally.

” Eh briwatir jua cgu atu. ” the girl in front of me interrupted them. Though, the boy wasn’t talking to her. She shouted out loud from the front seat and agreed about the teacher’s behaviour as the music now changed to something alternative genre.

Swearing again but now in Kedayan or maybe Murut.

” Au wah.. annoying cgu nya ah.. ku buang karang bottle ah arah nya.. ”

Swearing. And demonstrated the others with his right hand holding a plastic bottle and swinging his arm backward to throw it as if the teacher was in front of him.

” Nda tu ia kenal kan aku. ” yes, no one wants to know you and cares anyway.

Another swearing, until the bus stopped at the boy’s house and finally left.


What a relief..


As he left,

” Haha, cali ya ah. kan buang butul arh cgu atu. Berani pun inda. ” for the first time I agree with the other boy – never in your life you’ll be brave enough to do that kid. Not to that teacher.


Just another day of trying to accept the fact that I’m riding a bus with these people. I’m alright with the bus, just not the people.



Thanks readers, N.

– The Nuna






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