Home Alone


At last, I had the whole house to myself. Mum, accompanied by my sister went to Singapore for two days to attend her usual work. I had already planned a lot of things to do in the house by myself. Woke up early in the morning to make my favourite breakfast and a full day of doing anything.

On the first night around two am in the morning, I watched a horror movie. I brought along all the snacks with me, sitting comfortably on the couch with my doona covering me. For about an hour, the movie hadn’t finished yet and it was already disappointing. So, I turned off my laptop and decided to sleep. The room suddenly started to feel warm. As I stood up to go to my bedroom, all I could see was all black.

” Hello? Anyone’s there? ” I asked hoarsely. Then, I recalled that I was the only person inside the house.

The room became eerily quiet. My heart was starting to race. It was so quiet that I could plainly hear my heart hammering away in my chest, and even imagined that I could hear my blood rushing through my veins.

” Please, turn on the lights. This is not funny. ” I tried to calm myself and not to think of something unpleasant and unwelcoming. That it might had been someone trying to play a joke on me. The clock struck three. And, I heard myths from people that something is really alive at this particular time.

A sound of fingernails scratching the window startled me. I looked over my shoulder and gazed at nothing for seconds. All of sudden, I felt chills all over my body even through my head now and sent down my spine.

” Where is it? Oh dear, where is it? ” an old man creepy voice whispered around me. Searching for something that couldn’t be found. I was frozen with fear. I tried to seep in the oxygen and never in my life I felt this dead. He kept mentioning the same and exact words, but in different pulses. He sometimes grunt, and mad at himself. I didn’t know if he actually saw me or worse, maybe he did.

My feet rooted in the ground, I couldn’t move – my legs, my hands and even my mouth. I was trapped and prisoned by a mysterious unknown. I could feel its presence even though there was nothing in my eyes but that was too intimidating for me. I felt that I was in this position for an hour. I was sweating, and sobbing with my soundless voice.


Lights turned on by itself and my body fell on the floor. Heavily, breathed in and my lungs out. I was crawling to reach the front door and felt like my knees were no longer functioning. However, with the energy that were left, I used it all and started running exhaustedly to get myself out of the house. As I reached my neighbour’s house, I knocked and slammed the door as fast as I could and shouted loudly. Then, she opened the door and quickly pulled me inside her house.

” Oh God–I knew this would happen again. Your family shouldn’t left you alone in that crazy house. The previous owner had the same fate as yours but worst, that’s why he moved. “



– The Nuna


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