Satan in Thailand


I had a dream about Satan last night. I went through hell and back for my friends in the most literal meaning. People took selfies with the Satan, and so was I.


On our journey to the Siam Park by bus, something caught our full attention. iSetan; the name of a building ( yes, like an iPad, iPhone, iMac.. maybe one day iVeGotToStopIt – my brother’s idea ). The building placed on the outskirts of the road, with an exquisite small narrow pond next to it. I took a picture of it and thought this would be a good story for me to tell my friends that I met a Satan in Thailand.  




As we arrived at the Siam Park, excitement was burning inside me. Yet, my family kept warning each other not to get lost, or Bangkok will have you ( which was annoying because they got it from The Hangover movies ).



The first ride we rode was the boomerang. There were always fear and trepidation but the thought of freedom blew them away. Ironically, its height is taller than any buildings in Brunei and the safety belt was not really dependable for me. A white lady sat next beside me, looking really excited and she could tell that I was a little terrified – just a little. As the boomerang began to reverse backward slowly, I think I was starting to pray, closing my eyes and clutching the belt tightly. I heard the lady chuckled and said this to me,

” Did you meet a Satan on your way to here? Oh dear, you look very frightened. ” 

My eyebrows met each other and looked at her. My mouth opened to say something but the boomerang took its maximum power and I screamed my lungs out.


I think I did..






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