Man likes company. Who doesn’t like to be surrounded by friends? A wide circle of friends is what we all desire to have. One who is without friends or shuns company is other often perceived as an oddball.

Friends help us to mature. We can be friends with anyone. Teenagers wants to be with other of their age or older. What a pleasure it is to play or hang out with a large group of likeminded individuals!  When we are in a group communicating and exchanging our views, we are actually learning. There are many things we can learn from friends, both good and bad, which we may not learn from parents and relatives or others. Well-meaning sincere friends are of great value to us. They are a positive influence on us and help to bring out our best and with us through difficult times.

An unfortunate aspect of friendship is that we lose old friends while we are on the journey of life. When we look to our primary school days, we suddenly realise how many good friends we have lost. This is natural, but there are those sentimental ones who seek out old friends and recall the nostalgic times that they had spent together.

In conclusion, friendship is the most wonderful relationship that anyone can have. Ideally a friend is a person who offers love and respect and will never betray us. ” To have friendship is to have solidarity.” Friends are for life and should never be taken for granted, and I’m happy that I have these people in my life, they make everything better, especially the ones that I never expected to be friends with.`


” Appreciate what you have, and enjoy every moment with the true ones. ”



The End.


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