Disastrous Journey

The truth was like a bad taste on her tongue. His happiness died when Sarah revealed the truth. His trust from everyone just walked right the door. Sarah looked over her shoulder to see the man that had loved her for four years, she blinked and she continued walking away.

There were ominous dark clouds gathering over his head. Pain hit him in waves. She stabbed him with knives through his heart. But, he didn’t cry that moment. He knew it was for the best. As the drops of rain embraced the city, she disappeared from his sight.

Hours passed by. Thomas was already on a train, on his way to home. He was so silent and alone with his thoughts. Memories of their significant moments were running through his mind. He couldn’t bear not seeing her again or not ever laying next to her again. Silent tears were pouring down his face. So he kept turning his head away from other passengers. He was oblivious to his surroundings until a sudden jolt woke him up and back to reality. He wiped his tears and turned to look at other passengers. They were all flabbergasted as he was. Suddenly, the train rumbled on normally. They laughed at it and no one thought it was something serious. The memories vanished.

Minutes later though, the train started to vibrate violently. Everyone was shouting and Thomas held tightly on everything strong around him to balance himself. He froze with fear. Sarah’s face now were replaced with funerals, graveyards, deaths, and all the sins he had done in his life. He was unable to do anything as the train kept vibrating but watch the scene.

In just a blink of an eye, he was on an emergency bed at a hospital. His arm was bandaged with a torniquet that was still ringing with pain. He saw cuts on his hands. His head throbbed with a blinding, stabbing headache. The pain went on, like a pick slamming repeatedly into the back of his head. Out of the blue, a young woman was standing beside his bed. She was talking with the doctor, but she was not the nurse. She surely not from where he belonged, because she has the Asian look. Then, he remembered that she was one of the passengers. Miraculously, she was unscathed. There were no blood, bruises and even cuts. As they met each other’s eyes with a smile she uttered,

” Good to see you’re still alive. I’m your life savour, you’re welcome. ” She winked at him and he chuckled as the response.

Thomas thought that it wasn’t really a bad day when a woman that you loved destroyed you but then someone else just saved your life.



The End.



Photo Credit The Nuna



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  1. Perfect writing skills and I totally amazed at the ending. Love is wonderful in every kind.


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